PSD Photo of the Month Archive

May 2018

Arizona produces some of the highest quality pecans in the world. The State's pecan industry is 4th largest in the nation and provides an excess of $43 million in production value. This picture shows Tucson Agricultural Inspector, James White, servicing one of over 2,300 pest detection traps deployed to monitor the growing 22,037 acres of production pecan orchards. This level of monitoring ensures that Arizona is free from dangerous plant pests that could have a negative impact on the quality and exportability of harvested pecans. 

February 2018

Kelly Downing, Yuma Agricultural Inspector with the Plant Services Division (PSD)  writes a Phytosanitary Certificate for a shipment of agricultural products that meet the pest cleanliness standards of an importing foreign country. The annual value of agricultural exports is over $4.2 billion. In 2017, PSD issued 1,445 international export certificates (up 31% from 2016) to over 69 countries.

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