Moving Plants Across State Lines

When moving plants into Arizona

Indoor houseplants that are free of insects and in a commercially prepared potting mix are allowed entry into Arizona without a certificate from the state of origin.

All other plants must be accompanied by a Certificate issued by the origin state that attests that the plants are generally free of pests and meet any quarantine entry requirements.

Plants that originate from areas under quarantine for Imported fire ants or harmful nematode pests must be received by a nursery, business, or individual that has a valid “Quarantine Holding Area” so that plant material received can be inspected if necessary. For a list of nurseries that have approved holding areas click here.

When moving plants to another state

Depending on the plant and destination there may be certain treatment and certification requirements, or the plant might be prohibited. It is best to check with the state you are moving to for that answer. You can also find the individual state regulations on the National Plant Board’s website.

For more information you may call Jamie Legg 602-542-0992 or email: [email protected]

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