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Staff oversees 50,000 licensed professionals, conducts 12,500 inspections, and completes over 5,000 laboratory tests.

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The department makes sure food is grown, raised, and processed to protect public health before the food reaches the grocery store or restaurant. Consumers are protected with inspections of scales, gas pumps, fertilizer, and seed content to name a few duties assigned to the department. The Department also ensures that people using pesticides are well-trained to protect people, pets, and plants. Inspectors keep plants and animals protected from diseases with regular checks of imported products. Arizona Agriculture & Environment is made up of Animal Sevices Division, Environmental Services Division, Plant Services Division, Agriculture Consultation & Training, Citrus, Fruit & Vegetable Standardization & Fresh Produce Grade Inspection, Pest Management Division, State Agricultural Laboratory, Weights & Measures Division.

AZDA division staff members oversee licenses & conduct inspections across our state.

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