Department Advisory Council

The Arizona Agriculture Advisory Council is a legislatively established, governor-appointed body that reviews agricultural policy and assists the department director in formulating administrative rules and the department's budget.

Animal Services Advisory Council

The Animal Services Division Council assists and make recommendations to the associate director concerning programs within the division.  Members are appointed by the director and must be active in an animal-related industry and serve two year terms.


Arizona Leafy Greens Food Safety Committee

The Arizona Leafy Greens Food Safety Committee is 100% funded by the leafy greens industry and administered through the Arizona Department of Agriculture. Our leadership consists of industry professionals who are shippers or designated representatives of shippers. We are led by the Food Safety Committee with assistance of technical and communications subcommittees, as well as a wide range of associated industry professionals who are all dedicated to ensuring the integrity of Arizona Leafy Greens.

Citrus, Fruit & Vegetable Advisory Council

The Legislature established the Citrus, Fruit and Vegetable Advisory Council to support and oversee the industry-funded Citrus, Fruit and Vegetable Standardization (CFV) program which provides quality  inspection and  food safety auditing for the Arizona fresh produce industry.

Arizona Citrus Research Council

The Arizona Citrus Research Council was created by statute to support the development of citrus research programs and projects within the Arizona citrus industry.

Arizona Iceberg Lettuce Research Council

The Council reviews and awards a wide range of research proposals on topics such as variety development and lettuce pest eradication.

Arizona Grain Research & Promotion Council

The Arizona Grain Research and Promotion Council utilizes grower check-off funds to aid in marketing for wheat and barley, to participate in research projects and other programs to assist in reducing freshwater consumption, to develop new grain varieties and to improve grain production, harvesting and handling methods.

Agricultural Employment Relations Board

The Board oversees a process by which the agricultural community may engage in labor organization activities and fair elections and by which declaration may be made whether certain acts are unfair labor practices and therefore subject to legal intervention.

Pest Management Advisory Council

A five member Advisory Committee overseeing pest management matters.


Weights and Measures Services Division Council

The Weights and Measures Services Division Council assists and make recommendations to the associate director concerning programs within the division.  Members are appointed by the director and must be active in industries regulated by the division.   

Native American Advisory Committee

The Director is convening a Native American Advisory Committee to ensure a working productive partnership protecting and promoting agriculture. Reducing red tape from federal, state and local governments is a priority.This committee is still in development. If interested in participating, contact Doug Marsh at [email protected] or 602-744-4924.

Arizona Youth Advisory Committee

Youth from agriculture, agribusiness and STEM programs gather to provide insight and advice to the director from their perspective. This committee is still in development.


The Food & Agriculture Policy Advisory Committee

Representatives from various sections of food production, storage, distribution and sales meet to advise the director on ways to improve access to Arizona grown and raised food, as well as other high nutrition foods.


Industrial Hemp Advisory Council

The five member Industrial Hemp Advisory Council was established by statute to: 1) Advise the director regarding expenditures from the industrial hemp trust fund; and 2)Provide additional assistance as the director deems necessary.

Special Local Needs Experts Committee  (FIFRA Section 24c)

The Special Local Needs Experts Committee is made up of representatives from the University of Arizona, the Inter Tribal Council of Ariziona, pesticide registering companies, a pest control advisor, the organic industry, the Arizona Game and Fish, the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, the Pest Management Division and the Environmental Services Section  (ESS).  The group reviews pesticide special local need requests and provides input to the EPSD Associate Director.  Input covers the gamut of the experts represented on the committee: is there a grower need, is the pesticide available, are other pesticides available, uniformity in labeling, label language clarity and enforceablity, are there water issues, are there wildlife issues, and any other areas covered by the experts represented on the committee.  There are no binding decisions made, only scientific and real world input concerning the potential label.