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The Arizona Department of Agriculture (AZDA) protects consumer safety, facilitates commerce, promotes equity in the Arizona marketplace, and safeguards market access both domestically and internationally through a variety of inspection, licensing, and certification programs involving plants, livestock, meat, dairy, vegetables, citrus, fruit, eggs, feed, fertilizer, seed, agricultural and non-agricultural pesticides, packaged consumer goods, retail pricing, and commercial weighing and measuring devices. AZDA protects and guards against the risks associated with the entry and spread of plant and livestock pests and diseases. AZDA protects environmental resiliency through education and training programs to assure safe pesticide use and on-farm food safety, and assists in attaining air quality standards. AZDA maintains a state lab for testing agricultural samples and a lab for ensuring the accuracy of weights and measurement tools.

Arizona is a leader in providing a safe and abundant food supply in a fair and equitable marketplace that supports a thriving economy and resilient environment.

The Department of Agriculture was created in the 1990s to unite separate boards that oversaw and protected agriculture, business, and public health. In the 2010s, the Arizona State Legislature moved the Department of Weights and Measures and the Office of Pesticide Management into the Department. They became Department Divisions. Arizona Department of Agriculture is currently made up of 8 divisions.

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