Rabies Vaccinator Information

The Arizona Rabies Vaccinator Program which allows animal shelter employees to be certified to administer Rabies vaccine will go into effect March 24, 2024.

The requirements are as follows:

  • This program is offered only for Certified Veterinary Technicians and other animal shelter employees.
  • The guidlines are set forth in Arizona R3-2-401, R3-2-409, and R3-2-409.01.
  • The curriculum will be created by the Office of the State Veterinarian and administered by a supervising veterinarian.
  • Each shelter must have a supervising veterinarian employed or on contract with the shelter to provide the training.
  • Candidates can obtain their certification once training has been successfully completed.
  • The original certification is good for one year and subsequent certifications are good for two years.
  • Supervising veterinarians are responsible for registering each candidate using the following google form:



  • Utilize the following link for more specific information on requirements


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