PMD Advisory Council Committee Meeting

Wednesday, June 14, 2023 - 10:00am

Pursuant to A.R.S. § 38-431.02 notice is hereby given to the members of the Arizona Department of Agriculture Advisory Council and to the general public that the Arizona Department of Agriculture Advisory Council will hold a meeting open to the public on Wednesday, June 14, 2023, beginning at 10:00 a.m. at 1110 West Washington Street, Suite 450, Phoenix, AZ, or join online on Google Meet at: Click Here

Person(s) with disabilities may request reasonable accommodation, such as a sign language interpreter, by contacting Melissa Meek at (602) 542-0925 (voice), or 1-800-367-3839 (TDD Relay). Requests should be made as early as possible to allow me to arrange the accommodation.

The agenda for the meeting is as follows:

1. Call to Order - (Tim Goerinter)

2. Roll Call - (Olga Zuniga)

4. Approval of Meeting Minutes for April 19, 2023 - (Tim Goeringer)

5. RUP/Rodenticides - (Tim Goeringer)

6. Licensing Update - (Christine Castro- Valdez)

7. Compliance Update - (Vince Craig)

8. Call to the Public - This is the time for the public to comment. Members of the Council may not discuss items that are not specifically identified on the agenda. Therefore, pursuant to A.R.S. § 38-431.01 (H), action taken as a result of public comment will be limited to directing staff  to study the matter, responding to any criticism or scheduling the matter for further consideration and decision at a later date.

9. Executive Session - To obtain legal advice pursuant to A.R.S. §38-431.03 (A) (3) on any matter on the agenda.

10. Next Meeting - To be determined

11. Adjournment

Event Documents: 
PMD ADVISORY COUNCIL Committe Agenda 06-14-2023.pdf Download
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