Equine Herpes Virus (EHV) Alert

As of 3/29/2019, 3 confirmed cases of EHV have been identified and the associated premises and exposed horses on the premises have been placed under quarantine by the State Veterinarian.  EHV-1 has been confirmed in all three cases by lab testing.


Two of the three cases have had no travel history since initial exposure or any travel history at all.  Trace outs of potential contacts are being pursued for the third case.  Two of the cases are in Maricopa County and one case is in Yavapai County.


The Office of the State Veterinarian advises owners to practice sound biosecurity principles.  Do not commingle your horse with unfamiliar horses, do not share common waterers or feeders, do not share tack or grooming supplies and do not share stall cleaning equipment.  Separation of horses at events by at least 20-30 feet is encouraged and do not under any circumstances allow nose-to-nose contact.  If the event is optional, you may consider voluntarily withdrawing yourselves from competition to be extra cautious.  Finally, please make sure that your horse’s vaccinations are up to date.  Spread of disease becomes more and more difficult with a greater percent of the population being protected through vaccination.


If you have any questions, reach out to our State Veterinarian's Office.  





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