Animal Identification

Why Does Premises and Animal Identification Matter?

The U.S. Department of Agriculture's Animal Disease Traceability Premises Program is designed to protect the food supply by tracing infected and exposed animals back to their origin (premises). It starts with registering your premises where the livestock are located. At present there are 1964 registered Arizona premises.

  • Rapid identification and containment of a foreign animal disease outbreak.
  • Bio-security of the Arizona and national livestock herd.
  • Identification of livestock vaccinated or tested under official disease control or eradication programs.
  • Official identification of animals in interstate or international commerce.
  • Accurate identification of blood and tissue specimens.
  • Improvement of laboratory diagnostic and reporting capabilities.
  • Health status certification of herds, States, and Regions.
  • Effective regionalization and risk assessment in support of international trade.


Why Register Your Premises?

  • Premises identification is being implemented on a voluntary Federal basis nation-wide.
  • Protect your premises and your livelihood.
  • Reduce hardships caused by a disease outbreak or other animal health event in your community.
  • Protect your access to markets.
  • ADA will protect individuals' private information.
  • It's voluntary.
  • It's a partnership.


How Do I Get My Premises Registered?

Download Forms - National Premises ID Application All Livestock and Arizona Flock ID Application Sheep and Goats

Send completed and signed application to: Att: State Veterinarian Office, Arizona Department of Agriculture,1688 W Adams St, PHX 85007

For more information, contact: State Veterinarian Office at (602) 542-4293 or e-mail the State Veterinarian or visit USDA Animal Disease Traceability.


What About Privacy?

Only the State Veterinarian will have access to the data as needed to carry out Arizona's animal disease prevention, control and response program.


Do I have to Pay to Apply?

There is no charge. 


How Do I Get a Meeting Scheduled for My Group?

For more information, contact State Veterinarian Office at (602) 542-4293 or e-mail the State Veterinarian.


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