Termite Information

Arizona is home to subterranean termites. The subterranean termite can severely damage structural timbers in homes, buildings, utility poles and other structures built with cellulose materials. The following documents provide help on what you can do if you are dealing with a termite issue.


What Do I Do If Termites Come Back?

Learn about your options if you have termite recurrence.

Termite Treatment History Search 

(Last 3 years and a maximum of 500 records per search)

When consumers have termite related issues, it is best to hire a licensed termite company to treat the problem. Once it is treated, the licensed company then records the events of the treatment on a Termite Action Report Form (TARF) and submit it to the PMD to serve as a public record to be viewed by anyone. The records are on file for 3 years. Use the search box below to research any address that you believe has been treated for termites.


Things everyone new or old to termite control industry must know: 

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