Motor Fuels

Arizona consumers purchase nearly 7.9 million gallons of gasoline each day at approximately 2,100 fuel dispensing sites utilizing over 72,000 individual fuel dispensers. In addition, several million gallons of fuels such as diesel and ethanol flex fuel are also dispensed from these locations on a daily basis.  The Weights and Measures Services Division (WMSD) is responsible for investigating and auditing fuels throughout their lifespan, from refineries and pipelines, to storage terminals and delivery trucks, and finally to fuel dispensing sites and retailers.


To learn more about specific areas related to fuels, please select one of the links provided on the left side of the page. Listed below are some frequently asked questions related to the sale of fuels in the State of Arizona.


What are the laws for the sale, heating, and dispensing of motor fuel?

The following requirements are found in the Arizona Revised Statutes (A.R.S.), Title 3, Chapter 19:


What are the signage and labeling requirements for motor fuels?

The following signage and labeling requirements are found in Arizona Administrative Code (A.A.C.) Title 3, Chapter 7. To view the requirement, scroll down to the reference number pertaining to the area of interest.

  • Motor Fuel Dispensing Site Price and Grade Posting on External Signs: A.A.C. R3-7-704

  • Dispenser Labeling at Motor Fuel Dispensing Sites: A.A.C. R3-7-705

  • Motor Fuel Storage Tank Labeling: A.A.C. R3-7-713


We have developed a Guide to Dispenser Labeling in Arizona that explains the fuel product labeling requirements and provides examples of the different types of labels that are required in the State of Arizona. This document is provided for your reference below along with label templates that are required to be posted on our website by either statute or rule.

Important Documents

A Guide to Dispenser Labeling in Arizona Download
Division Contact Information Label Download
Gasoline Excise Tax Label Download
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