Livestock Inspections

Field Inspections

The Livestock Services field staff are required to inspect livestock (except equine) for health, marks, and brands before they are slaughtered, sold, purchased, driven, transported, shipped, or conveyed. They also respond to stray and ownership dispute calls. In addition to these duties, the officers investigate theft, welfare, and neglect cases. 

In Arizona, “livestock” includes cattle, equine (horses, mules, burros, asses), sheep, goats, and swine, except feral pigs.  Inspections are required for ownership, control and regulation of livestock by law and rule.

To schedule an inspection, call Dispatch at (623) 445-0281.



The division’s self-inspection program allows branded range cattle, unbranded dairy and feedlot cattle, sheep, goats, and swine to move to auction, inspected slaughterhouse, feedlot, arena, and pasture-to-pasture within own ranch using a self-inspection certificate.  These certificates cannot be used for changes of ownership in range cattle, removal of range cattle from the state, or cattle custom slaughter because field staff must inspect these occurrences. Self-inspection can be reached at (602) 542-6407 or [email protected]


Inspection Fee Structure

Field Staff Inspections

$10/call + $0.25/head for cattle or $0.05/head for sheep

We can’t charge for goats, pigs, or custom slaughter. Horses are exempt. 


Self-Inspection Certificates

  • $25 for a 25-page feedlot book
  • $20 for a 20-page dairy book
  • $10 for a 10-page non-range, range, sheep, goat, or swine book

Livestock Services

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