Seasonal Passes

Seasonal Pass Online

Seasonal passes can now be done online by following the link below. Step by step directions can be found at the bottom of this page for your convenience.


A Seasonal Pass is required for exhibition of all cattle, sheep, goats and swine owned by Arizona residents and exhibited in Arizona according to state law and rule (ARS § 3-1346, R3-2-703).

  1. To receive a Seasonal Pass, the exhibitor must complete an application:
    - Single Animal Application
    - Multiple Animal Application

  2. Each exhibitor must be issued their own pass.

  3. The Seasonal Pass application must have all fields completed:
    - Type of animal
    - Breed
    - Sex
    - Color or markings
    - Permanent ID (e.g. brand, ear tag number, tattoo, microchip) — sheep, goats, and swine are REQUIRED to have an ear tag or tattoo; dairy cattle bought out-of-state and sexually intact cattle over 18 months of age bought out-of-state are also required to have an ear tag
    - Arizona Premise or Scrapie ID is REQUIRED for sheep, goats, and swine only
    - An Arizona Self-Inspection Certificate OR an Arizona Livestock Inspection Certificate number is REQUIRED.

  4. If the animal(s) was purchased out of state, a Health Certificate Number and an Entry Permit Number are required.

  5. The exhibitor must provide proof of ownership for each animal by including a Bill of Sale. If no proof of ownership can be obtained, a Livestock Officer or Inspector must inspect the animal(s). Call (623) 445-0281 to schedule an inspection.

  6. The fee for a Seasonal Pass is $5.00 per exhibitor up to 10 animals. An additional $0.50 per head is charged for each animal after 10. Payment accepted: check or money order payable to the AZ Dept. of Agriculture or ADA. DO NOT mail cash.

  7. A Seasonal Pass will be issued when the application is received with the payment. It is valid for one year from the date of issuance.

  8. If any information is missing or incomplete, the application will NOT be processed. The self-inspection staff will contact you via phone or email for missing information.

  9. New animal(s) may NOT be added on to an existing pass. A new application with payment must be provided and a new pass will be issued.

  10. The official Seasonal Pass issued by the Department must accompany the animals whenever they are moved. In the space provided, the exhibitor shall write the date of movement, name of exhibition, location and return date for each animal.

  11. The Seasonal Pass must be returned to the Department within two weeks of sale, termination of the animal, or end of the show season. If the pass has expired but the animal(s) have not been sold or terminated, the pass still must be returned. If the animal is sold, the Seasonal Pass holder must write the buyer’s name, address, and phone number in the space provided on the pass. 


Call the self-inspection staff at (602) 542-6407 for additional assistance.

Important Documents

Seasonal Pass Hard Copy Instructions Download
Seasonal Pass Application for a Single Animal Download
Seasonal Pass Application for Multiple Animals Download
Seasonal Pass Online Instructions.pdf Download
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