Livestock and COVID-19

 Can my animal become ill with or spread COVID-19?

  • There is no evidence at this time that your animal can become ill with COVID-19 or that they can spread it to other animals or people.
  • However, it is always a good idea to practice good hand hygiene after normal interactions with your livestock and keep your animal’s environment clean.
  • If you are healthy and your pet needs to see a veterinarian, please call before bringing them into the vet. Veterinary clinics are taking precautions and may have a special operating procedure that you will be asked to follow.
  • If you are ill  and your animal needs emergency care, let your veterinarian know and see if a friend can represent you while your animal is being examined.
  • Always remember when around others to practice social distancing even when taking care of animals especially at a boarding facility.  


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