COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus Disease) and Animals

The Arizona Department of Agriculture recognizes that the challenges related to the COVID-19 are numerous and evolving. The Department offers this information regarding the care for pets, livestock (including horses) during these uncertain times. We are also including information for veterinarians to help them continue to supply needed care for these animals during this time of social distancing. The Department plans to update this information as needed.

As the COVID-19 pandemic is ever-evolving in Arizona we encourage you to go to some of the following sources for information and updates. The USDA is tracking all positive results in animals on its website:

Covid-19 sources of information:

If you suspect you have COVID-19 or have been exposed, follow the recommendations of the Arizona Department of Health Services at 




There is currently no evidence of pets or other companion animals spreading or becoming sick from COVID-19.  The CDC continues to study this issue and as a precaution, you can take additional care handling pets.

Livestock Owners: Learn More

Companion Animals: Learn More




Even though no evidence that animals spread or become sick, make sure that you are limiting contact with sick owners.  Always wash hands after working with animals.  Learn More




There are currently no restrictions on livestock trade or animal movement due to the COVID-19 response.  Practice good biosecurity as usual for the health of yourself and your animals. Learn More

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