The following lists the requirements of the Arizona Commercial Feed Law and Rules pertaining to the distribution of commercial feed in the State of Arizona:

No person may manufacture or distribute commercial feed in this state without a commercial feed license from this Division, with the exceptions outlined under ARS 3-2609. The licensing period will be July 1st through June 30th of each year. The duration period may be either one or two years at the company’s discretion. A license fee of ten dollars ($10.00) is required yearly and must accompany the license application. Each application will be subject to review for proper completion. If all information is supplied, a license will be issued.

  • Registration of individual products is not required. The license allows distribution of any feed with your company name on the label; and 

  • The Licensing Section requests a copy of each feed label your company intends to distribute within the trade channels of Arizona be sent with the application.


Tonnage Reports

Quarterly Tonnage reports are required, together with a tonnage fee at the rate of twenty cents ($0.20) per ton (or parts thereof rounded to the nearest whole ton) that was distributed during the quarter. A minimum fee of $2.00 must be included. If you fail to file this report (even with no distribution), a minimum late fee of either $10.00 or 10% of the total amount due depending on which is the greater amount is required.

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