Dairy Cattle

All Dairy Cattle Entering Arizona Need:

  • Entry Permit Number issued by calling 602-542-4293 or emailing [email protected]  
  • Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) issued by a Category II Accredited Veterinarian
  • All Official IDs must be listed on CVI or as an attachment Official Identification
    • Dairy Breed Steers: Federal Ear Tag at any age born after March 15, 2013 
    • Cows/Heifers: Orange Bangs Tag or Federal Ear Tag if older than 18 months 
    • Bulls: Federal Ear Tag if 12 months and older OR 18 months if consigned to a feedlot for slaughter. 
    • Exhibition Cattle of any age, MUST have official identification.
  • Tuberculosis testing is required for all intact dairy cattle 4 months of age or older.
  • Brucellosis vaccination is required for all intact female dairy cattle; female cattle must be Official Calfhood Vaccinates and the tattoo must be legible.
  • Trichomonas testing required within 30 days prior to entry for all bulls 12 months of age or older that are not consigned directly to a dairy.

Important Documents

AZ Dairy Cattle Entry Requirements-2023 Updated.pdf Download

For More Information

Call (602) 542-4293 from 8AM to 5PM Arizona time Monday through Friday. 

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