Animal Services Advisory Council

3-1202. Division council; members

The animal services division council, established pursuant to section 3-105, shall be composed of members who are qualified electors. No more than three members from any one county may serve on the council at any time. The members shall represent the following categories:

  1. The range cattle growing industry.
  2. The cattle feeding industry.
  3. Producing dairies.
  4. The meat packing industry.
  5. The sheep and goat industries.
  6. The swine producing industry.
  7. The equine industry.
  8. The aquaculture industry.
  9. The egg or poultry industry.
  10. The hay or feed industry.
  11. The ratite industry.

All members of the council shall be actively engaged in the type of business they represent. If a member acquires his representation through his affiliation with a corporation, such member shall be actively engaged in a management position and his primary source of income shall be derived from the corporation. Members shall be appointed by the director pursuant to section 3-105.

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