ESD - Key to Licenses

Use this Key to determine which Licenses, Permits or Certifications you need.
1. Do you yourself order, purchase or take delivery of pesticides, or do you hire someone to apply any pesticides to your commercial crop?
Yes - Growers Permit Required. (PGP)
2. Do you act as an authority* on agricultural pests, pest conditions or make recommendations for agricultural pesticide applications to lands or property other than those owned or controlled by you or your employer?
Yes - Requires Pest Control Advisors license (PCA).
* An individual operating in an official capacity for a college or university, providing recommendations in a not-for-profit capacity, or who merely furnishes information concerning general and labeling usage of a registered pesticide is not considered an authority or general advisor.
3. Do you apply restricted use pesticides?
No Go to Question #4
Yes - You or an employee must be a Certified Applicator.
a. Do you apply Restricted Use pesticides for hire?
Yes - Requires Commercial Applicator Certification. (PUC)
b. Do you apply Restricted Use pesticides as part of your employment by a governmental agency?
Yes - Requires either Private Applicator Certification (PUP) or Commercial Applicator. (PUC)
c. Do you apply Restricted Use pesticides to your own crop?
Yes - Requires Private Applicator Certification. (PUP)
4. Do you apply RUP fumigants?
No Go to Question #5.*
Yes – Certification required – continue with following questions
a. Do you apply fumigants for others?
Yes – certification and licensure from the Pest Management Division required
b. Do you apply fumigants on your own farm on raw agricultural commodities or burrowing rodents?
Yes- certification in the private fumigation category required
c. Do you apply any other fumigants on your own farm other than agricultural use soil fumigants or fumigants for raw agricultural commodities and/or burrowing rodents?
Yes – certification and licensure from the Pest Management Division required.
5. Do you sell or distribute pesticides?
Yes - Requires Sellers Permit. (PSP)
6. Do you fly the plane?
Yes - Requires Agricultural Aircraft Pilot License. (AAP)
* All aircraft and ground equipment used for pesticide application by a custom applicator must also be licensed separately.



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