Arizona Native Plant Rules

Saguaro cactus


Title 3., Chapter 3., Article 11

The purpose of the Arizona Native Plant Rules are to categorize and protect Arizona native plants, and facilitate in native plant harvesting, collection, commerce, and management. In an effort to align with current native plant statutes, and to modernize the rule language:


  • To ensure the rules are more clear, concise, and understandable;
  • To reduce any regulatory burdens that can be accomplished without reducing the objectives of the rules; and
  • To align with the Governor's priorities where possible. 

The AZDA intends to amend ten existing rules and one table, without adding any additional new rules. 

The AZDA has established an ad hoc advisory committee, the Arizona Native Plant Rules Committee (ANPRC). The ANPRC consists of 7 members of stakeholders directly and indirectly involved in the protection and management of native plants in the state. Additionally, state and federal land managers and other subject matter experts will be engaged for input. The ANPRC will help ensure that changes proposed to the Arizona native plant rules meet the AZDA's ability to achieve the regulatory objectives; do not impose additional regulatory burdens; ensure the rules are clear, concise, and understandable; and reduce regulatory burdens where possible, without reducing the regulatory objective. The committee will also advise the AZDA on native plant categorizations and on areas where the rulemaking can align with the Governor's priorities.

The meetings of the ANPRC are open to the public and anyone can attend in-person or virtually. Anyone wishing to make comments during the Call to the Public will need to complete a speaker request card. Meeting information and important documents will be posted on the AZDA's website at:

Questions can be directed to Brian McGrew at 602-540-3228 or by emailing [email protected]

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