Arizona Native Plant Rules Committee

The Arizona Native Plant Rules Committee (ANPRC) is an advisory committee to the Director of the Arizona Department of Agriculture as authorized under A.R.S. § 3-106.

The purpose of the Committee is to provide input and advise the Director of the Department, or the Director's designee, on the development of administrative rules used to protect and manage Arizona native plants.

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AZNPRC Information

Please call Brian McGrew at 602-542-3228 or email [email protected]

Meeting Agendas and Minutes

ANPRC Agenda 03-27-24.pdf Download
Agenda_ANPRC_WG_NP_Lists_03-11-24.pdf Download
Agenda_ANPRC_WG_NP_Lists_03-05-24.pdf Download
ANPRC Minutes 02-15-24.pdf Download
ANPRC Agenda 02-15-24.pdf Download
Agenda_ANPRC_WG_NP_Lists_02-12-24.pdf Download
Agenda_ANPRC_WG_NP_Lists_02-01-24.pdf Download
ANPRC Agenda 01-18-24.pdf Download
ANPRC Minutes 01-18-24.pdf Download
ANPRC Agenda 12-06-23.pdf Download
ANPRC Minutes 12-06-23.pdf Download
ANPRC Agenda 11-15-23.pdf Download
ANPRC Minutes 11-15-23.pdf Download
Agenda_ANPRC_WG_NP_Lists_12-27-23.pdf Download
Agenda_ANPRC_WG_NP_Lists_01-10-24.pdf Download
Agenda_ANPRC_WG_NP_PvtPubLandd_1-11-24.pdf Download
Agenda_ANPRC_WG_Framework_1-11-24.pdf Download
Agenda_ANPRC_WG_NP_MovSalv_1-12-24.pdf Download
ArizonaNativePlant_Statutes.docx Download
ArizonaNativePlant_Rules.docx Download
ANPRC Speaker Card.pdf Download
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