Bark Beetles

The following information expresses no opinion regarding the efficacy of pesticides to prevent bark beetles, a long-term solution to bark beetle infestation, forest management practices or environmental or health effects pertaining to pesticide use.

1. What should consumers know about bark beetles?

  • There are numerous species of Bark Beetles.
  • Different Bark Beetle species infest different Tree species.
  • Bark Beetles infest both healthy and stressed trees.
  • Stressed trees are generally unable to effectively combat infestation.
  • Infested trees cannot be effectively treated.
  • Infested trees and debris should be removed to protect other trees from attack.


2. What should consumers know about treatment and prevention?

  • Bark beetle preventive treatments may be labor and equipment intensive.
  • Pesticides used must be labeled for use in preventing bark beetles on trees.
  • Pesticides must be used according to the product Label.
  • Preventive treatment is ineffective unless the pesticide is applied properly.
  • Hire only licensed companies employing licensed applicators using the proper pesticide, application, and elevation equipment to properly perform a treatment. Check the Arizona Pest Management Division's Web site or call the office (see below).
  • Obtain more than one bid for pest control services.


3. Where can consumers obtain more information?

The Arizona Pest Management Division (for licensing questions)
602-542-3578 or (800) 223-0618

Tom DeGomez University of Arizona Specialist
(928) 523-8385

Jeff Schalau University of Arizona Cooperative Extension
(928) 445-6590

Christopher Jones University of Arizona Cooperative Extension
(928) 425-7179

A licensed pest control operator or certified arborist.

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