Roof Rats


Roof rat control, including (but not limited to) site specific recommendations and offering to perform pest control work, requires a pest control license, for a variety of reasons, including, but not limited to: consumer health and financial safety, effective control, legislative mandate. A pest control licensee also must have financial responsibility, such as insurance, to cover potential liability. A licensee also must comply with worker safety requirements.

The Arizona Pest Management Division's web site home page has FAQs for licensing. The PMD staff helps people and entities with the licensing process on a daily basis. People are encouraged to review the information and ask questions about how to become licensed.

The PMD provides free initial licensure training. The PMD also refers to several Continuing Education Providers who may provide initial licensure training. The PMD provides, at cost, study materials. The laws and rules can be freely downloaded. The other study materials may be available from sources other than the OPM. The PMD recommends that applicants fully study before taking the licensing exams from the testing vendor, to prevent retesting fees.

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