Asian giant hornet

Asian giant hornet 

Vespa mandarinia

The Asian giant hornet (AGH), or commonly referred to as “The Murder Hornet”, is native to the temperate and tropical areas of Asia and Far East Russia. 

In December of 2019 a resident of Blaine, Washington, near the Canadian border, reported sighting a large wasp on their property.  This wasp was later identified as Vespa mandarinia, the AGH.  To date, there have been 45 confirmed sightings in Washington State and as of April 2022 the Washington State Department of Agriculture has removed a total of four (4) nests of AGH.

In Arizona there are two wasps frequently confused as the AGH, the Pacific cicada killer (Sphecius convallis) and the western cicada killer (Sphecius grandis).  Based on its native habitat range, and sensitivity to heat, the Asian giant hornet is unlikely to establish in Arizona.  Mistaken Identity – The Cicada Killer Wasp and the Asian Giant Hornet

However, due to its potential impact on honey bees, the Arizona Department of Agriculture takes the potential introduction of AGH very seriously and asks that you report any potential sightings to Jamie Legg, Quarantine Program Manager, at (602) 542-0992 or [email protected].

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