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AZDA Unusable Pesticide Collection Program


 What is the Unusable Pesticide Collection Program?

This is a FREE program offered and managed by the Environmental Services Section for the collection of pesticide products that require disposal due to age, contamination, cancellation or they are just no longer useable to your operation. This Program IS NOT for the collection of household hazardous waste, empty containers, adjuvants or other products that ARE NOT pesticides, such as paint and used oil.  If you bring it, you will leave with it.

Registration, review and approval process.

You must preregister to be considered for this program. Once registrations are received they will be reviewed to determine the types and amounts of pesticides that will be potentially brought to each collection site. Once this data is compiled we will request proposals from multiple contractors. This process usually takes approximately 60 days. Once a contractor is vetted and selected, the amount of pesticides to be collected under the contract will be determined. This number will be used to determine how many of those who preregistered will be approved to participate. (If the demand is greater than funding, applicants may be limited.) Approved participants will be notified via email of date, time and location where unusable pesticides must be taken to and what information (if any) must be brought with the products. Once the approved participants confirm, bags will be sent to those who requested them for over-packaging.  


Pesticides that are problematic for acceptance into the program.  

Pesticides which contain dioxin such as 2,4,5-T, Silvex, Dinoseb, pentachlorophenol ARE NOT permitted to be brought to this event. We have no information at this is time of when, if ever, there will be a safe and legal process of disposing of these materials. Large pressurized containers can be problematic, please include as much information as possible about these containers on the registration form. They need to have the valve protective cover in place.  We need to know if the valve works. Photos are always helpful. 


What if I find more pesticides after I have registred? 

Notify the Environmental Services Section immediately so we can check with the contractor to see if the possibility exists to accept additional unusable pesticides.


Cost for this event?

This event is funded by the EPA and is completely FREE to participants.


What if I cannot make it to the colletion event?

Participants may work together to transport the unusable pesticides to the collection site. The person delivering to the collection site will need to have the forms provided for all the accepted participants for whom they are delivering.    


Registration forms are only available during open registration for upcoming events.


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About our Unusable Pesticide Collection Program

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