Industrial Hemp Advisory Council


ARS 3-318 Requires the Director of the Department to appoint a five member adviory council to:

  1. Advise the director regarding expenditures from the industrial hemp trust fund.
  2. Provide additional assistance as the director deems necessary.


Director's Order establishing the Industrial Hemp Advisory Council

DAO 19-02: Industrial Hemp Advisory Council


Industrial Hemp Advisory Council Documents

June 17 Agenda.pdf Download
IHAC Oct 21 Minutes.pdf Download
Oct 21 Agenda.pdf Download
Oct 3 Minutes.pdf Download
Oct 3 Agenda.pdf Download
June 17 Minutes Approved.pdf Download
IHAC Aug 14 Agenda.pdf Download
IHAC Sep 8 Agenda.pdf Download
IHAC Aug 21 Agenda.pdf Download
IHAC Aug 21 Minutes.pdf Download
Aug 14 Minutes - Approved.pdf Download
Open Meeting Law Disclosure Statement - IHAC - 2022.pdf Download
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