Industrial Hemp Advisory Council


ARS 3-318 Requires the Director of the Department to appoint a five member adviory council to:

  1. Advise the director regarding expenditures from the industrial hemp trust fund.
  2. Provide additional assistance as the director deems necessary.


Director's Order establishing the Industrial Hemp Advisory Council

DAO 19-02: Industrial Hemp Advisory Council


Industrial Hemp Advisory Council Documents

June 17 Agenda.pdf Download
IHAC Oct 21 Minutes.pdf Download
Oct 21 Agenda.pdf Download
Oct 3 Minutes.pdf Download
Oct 3 Agenda.pdf Download
June 17 Minutes Approved.pdf Download
IHAC Aug 14 Agenda.pdf Download
IHAC Sep 8 Agenda.pdf Download
IHAC Aug 21 Agenda.pdf Download
IHAC Aug 21 Minutes.pdf Download
Aug 14 Minutes - Approved.pdf Download
Open Meeting Law Disclosure Statement - IHAC - 2022.pdf Download


The purpose of the Committee was to provide input and advise the Department during the development process of creating administrative rule language that is now in use to license and regulate the industrial hemp program applicants and licensees. The Committee's term expired on 8-3-19. 

Committee Charter 8-3-18


Industrial Hemp Program Rules Committee Documents

August 3 Agenda.pdf Download
Notice of Possible Quorum 5-23-19.pdf Download
May 20 Agenda.pdf Download
May 14 Agenda.pdf Download
May 14 Minutes.pdf Download
May 6 Minutes.pdf Download
May 6 Agenda.pdf Download
March 22 Minutes.pdf Download
March 22 Agenda.pdf Download
March 1 Agenda.pdf Download
March 1 Minutes.pdf Download
February 22 Agenda.pdf Download
February 22 Minutes.pdf Download
January 25 Agenda.pdf Download
January 25 Minutes.pdf Download
December 7 Agenda.pdf Download
December 7 Minutes.pdf Download
November 15 Agenda.pdf Download
November 15 Minutes.pdf Download
October 30 Agenda.pdf Download
October 30 Minutes.pdf Download
September 21 Agenda.pdf Download
IHPRC 9-21-18 Meeting Minutes.pdf Download
August 31 Agenda.pdf Download
IHPRC Meeting Minutes 8-31-18.pdf Download
IHPRC Meeting Minutes 8-3-18.pdf Download
IHPRC Charter 2018.pdf Download
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