Plant Services Laws & Regulations


The Plant Services Division is responsible for enforcing a number of regulations for the protection of plant health in the state.



The Plant Services Division operates strictly from direction and mandates provided by elected officials. This is better known as Arizona's Revised Statutes (A.R.S.).



The Arizona Administrative Code (A.A.C.) provides the rules for our division that supplement the Arizona Revised Statutes and provide the conditions for the protection against a specific or generalized plant pest or commodity.

A supplemental spreadsheet for crop designations can be found for A.A.C R3-4-203 Plant and Crop Safeguards, Inspection, and Certification Table 2 Actionable Arthropod Pests can be found at the link provided.


Director's Administrative Orders

Director’s Administrative Orders (DAO’s) may be issued by the Department to take certain corrective action for the immediate protection of plant health until the rule making process can be completed or the order is repealed.


Substantive Policy Statements

Substantive Policy Statement 08-02 for Ozonium Root Rot provides the criteria that must be completed for the issuance of a Special Nursery Stock Certificate for Ozonium Root Rot.

For Information on Federal Regulations in Plant Health

Contact USDA-APHIS at 602-431-3200 or visit the USDA site here.

Important Documents

Ozonium Root Rot Certification Procedures Download
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