Plant Quarantines

Plant quarantines are established to reduce the risk of transporting dangerous plant pests and diseases from one geographical area to another.  Plant quarantines can be established by a state department of agriculture, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, or a foreign country. When moving plants or plant products into or out of the state, or from one part of the state to another, it is always important to check what rules and regulations might be in effect.  In order to safeguard an area that is not affected it is important for everyone, individuals to large corporations, to abide by these laws to protect these areas. It only takes one infested plant or product to have a significant impact on an environment. Please help by understanding these quarantines and following any conditions they describe. You can also find more information on some of the hottest issues on invasive pests at the USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service's website,

If you have any questions regarding plant quarantines please call Jamie Legg at (602) 542-0992 or email [email protected].


Arizona Quarantines


USDA-APHIS-PPQ Domestic Quarantines


Other State Department of Agriculture Quarantines


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