Grain Crops

Arizona produces a variety of grain crops that are safeguarded from dangerous plant pests including the Khapra beetle and European corn borer through inspections, trapping and monitoring of facilities that handle these products

There are several grain pests that are of major concern to Arizona. A few of these pests are regulated and certain requirements need to be met in order to export a grain commodity out of state. Other states have to meet Arizona requirement for entry as well for a few pests of grain commodities.

Arizona conducts trapping for major pests of concern to the grain industry. Two major threats of concern are the Khapra beetle and European corn borer. Khapra beetle is regulated by the USDA-APHIS and trapping programs are in place through the Plant Services Division. Arizona regulates domestic imports for the European corn borer under A.A.C. R3-4-228. Karnal Bunt, a fungal disease of wheat, is regulated by the USDA-APHIS and portions of the state are under regulation for the disease. Click here for more information on the USDA/APHIS Karnal Bunt Program.


Importing Grain Commodities:
Some states are under quarantine for specific grain pests, like European Corn Borer under A.A.C. R3-4-228. and must be fumigated or screened to prevent the movement of the pest. Other states can also take part in a permitting program where trapphing is conducted to prove the are free from the pest. For more information call 602-542-0992

Exporting Grain Products:

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