Tree Fruits and Nuts

Arizona produces some of the highest quality tree fruits and nuts in the world. Arizona dates, pecans and lemons are prized export products. Through trapping and inspections the Plant Services Division effectively safeguards the many tree fruit and nut products that are important to Arizona's economic diversity and vitality.

Arizona safeguards the tree fruit and nut industry by regulating commodities that are imported into Arizona such as pecan nuts (under A.A.C. R3-4-231: Nut Pests) from dangerous plant pests and diseases that could be detrimental to these important Arizona industries. Other pests that present a serious threat within Arizona are regulated to mitigate the potential for further spread (i.e. the Asian citrus psyllid; DAO 09-06: Asian Citrus Psyllid – Interior Quarantine).

Arizona Pecans

The State’s pecan industry is expanding rapidly. Thanks to a strong global demand for healthy, high quality nuts, growers have been able to capitalize on market demand and sustainable prices for pecans. Pecan orchards in Arizona will continue to expand due to the State’s pest freedom and exceptional climate for nut products.

Arizona producers of citrus fruit, dates, pecans, pistachios, etc. may need to meet the entry requirements of other states and countries. The Plant Services Division safeguards and facilitates Arizona’s fruit and nut processors global market access by achieving a Federally recognized “free-from” status for specific pests through a trapping programs (i.e. exotic fruit fly trapping) and through facility inspections (nut pest monitoring, for instance) for commodities that may be regulated by Arizona, another state or country. Any pest detections that trigger the early detection network have a better chance of mitigating the potential risks to the tree fruit and nut industry.


Tree Fruit and Nut Exports:
Phytosanitary Certificate — for domestic export
Citrus fruit is regulated by the USDA/APHIS for sweet orange scab and fruit must meet certain standards prior to export or transport out of state.


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