Special Local Needs Experts Committee

The Special Local Needs Experts Committee is made up of experts from the University of Arizona, pesticide registering companies, pest control advisors, the organic industry, the Arizona Game and Fish, the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, the Pest Management Division and the Environmental Services Section (ESS).  The group reviews requests for pesticide special local need labels and provides input to the EPSD Associate Director.  Input covers the gamut of the experts represented on the committee: is there a grower need, is the pesticide available, are other pesticides available, uniformity in labeling, label language clarity, are there water issues, are there wildlife issues, and any other areas covered by the experts represented on the committee.  There are no binding decisions made, only scientific and real world input concerning the potential label.   



Meetings are regularly scheduled for the last Thursday of the month.  Meetings only occur when applications have been received.  Applications are to be received electroncially a week prior to the meeting.  When meetings fall on or near a holiday - please look at the agency calendar for the alternative date.


Application Submissions:

Applications should be submitted to [email protected]  

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SLN Committee Members



Jeff Boydston


Africa Dorame-Avalos


Dr. Peter Ellsworth


Bill Fox

Independent PCA

Dr. Mohamed Hegazy


Dr. (Alex) Hu, Jiahuai


Dr. Anne Justice-Allen

AZ G & F

Dr. William McCloskey


Jack Peterson


Dr. Jesse Richardson


Kellie Smith


Kai Umeda


Important Documents

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