Food Safety Training Assistance

The Department plays an important role in the safety of food.  -There are inspectors in dozens of places everyday checking to safety practices to make sure the food supply is safe.  Producers play a key role in protecting the food supply as well.  The Department offers training to help new producers learn how to create food safety plans, incorporate them into daily practice and prepare for certification.  For some types of certification, there is money available to help partially reimburse the cost of certification.

The Departments role in food safety handles the production side.  From produce to meat to dairy to eggs, state inspectors are on the job making sure that the food supply is safe. Inspections and visits depend on which type of food is produced.  For instance, when meat is processed someone must be on site befor the processing begins to make sure the facility is clean and employees follow cleanliness processes; state staff is there all the time the meat is processed checking the meat for potential health dangers and watching that the people are following a health safety plan; and after the processing is complete, state inspectors are checking to make sure the plant staff clean and sanitize the facility.

This is just one example of how the Department makes sure the state's food supply is safe to eat.  There are more processes such the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) for produce and regular inspections for dairy and egg.

Leafy Green Grower Information

Leafy greens growers can find more information at the Arizona Leafy Greens website.


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