Landscaping Bulk Purchase Tips

If your green thumb is aching or if you're planning to create your dream desertscape, the following tips can help you get the most with your purchase.

Landscaping Buying Tips

  1. Price posting: When buying nursery stock items, make sure there is a price either on or near the items being sold.

  2. Know what you're buying: All packages are required to have an identification of what the product is and a declaration of the weight, measure or count of the product, as well as the packer information.

  3. Check for holes: When buying fertilizer, seed or any other bagged products, always check for holes in the bag or you could be paying for lost product.

  4. Have them reweigh packages if you think it's short weight: Ask the store to reweigh it on a certified scale.

  5. Know the expiration date of seed before you buy: According to the Arizona Department of Agriculture, you can determine the expiration date of seed by adding 9 months to the test date stated on the label.

Buying Sand & Gravel - Don't Let Your Rock Roll Your Checkbook!

Although we live in the desert, we still buy sand and rock to decorate our yards. The following are a few buying guidelines.

  1. Buy In Person. Go to the company's location when possible and observe their method of sale. Make sure the scale reads "0" before they weigh any product.

  2. When buying in bulk make sure the commodity is sold by the exact weight or cubic yard and not by the truckload, scoop and/or an approximation.

  3. Beware of “split weighing”, IT’S ILLEGAL. Split weighing is when the truck and trailer are weighed separately. Companies must use a scale that accommodates the entire vehicle.

  4. Get a receipt with the following information:
    • Name and address of the company
    • Date and quantity delivered
    • The quantity in which the price is based
    • Description of the product
    • Product price by exact weight or volume
    • The total price including any delivery fees
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