Fuel Station Inspections

In Arizona, over 2 billion gallons of gasoline are pumped every year.

Are you getting what you pay for?

What We Do

The Weights and Measures Services Division is responsible for regulating the proper measurement (fuel volume), vapor recovery, and quality of motor fuels at approximately 2,000 retail fuel dispensing sites across Arizona. Our field investigators are currently able to conduct the following inspections at fueling sites:

  • Fueling device (entire site at least once every 3 years and within 10 days of receiving any complaint)
  • Fuel quality (at least once every 3 years and priority response after receiving a complaint)
  • Vapor recovery (once a year)
  • Credit card skimmer (every time we perform one of the inspections listed above and priority response after receiving a complaint)

How We Protect You 

Volumetric test: Investigators dispense fuel into a certified test measure (a container calibrated to a known volume) to verify accuracy of the dispenser. For most fuel dispensers, these tests are performed using a 5-gallon test measure. For high-flow diesel dispensers, these tests are performed using a 100-gallon test measure.

Indicators and labeling: Investigators check all digital indicators, as well as all product and tax labels required by law, to ensure that they are correct and legible at all times. 

Fuel quality and octane rating: Investigators collect samples of fuel, which are analyzed by a contracted lab to ensure federal and state legal requirements are met.

Safety: Investigators test the auto-shutoff, hold-open latch (if equipped), and anti-drain functions on fuel nozzles and also inspect all hanging hardware (hoses/nozzles) and internal piping (meters/shear valves) for leaks.

Investigate consumer complaints: Consumer complaints are our top priority. Most consumer complaints are resolved within a couple of days.


PLEASE NOTE: The division does not regulate fuel prices. Click here for more information about fuel prices.


Have a question? Try our Fueling FAQ's page. We also have pages specific to credit card skimmers, fuel quality, and gasoline vapor recovery. If you cannot find what you are looking for, you are always welcome to contact the Weights and Measures Services Division at 602-542-4373 or [email protected]



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