Vapor Recovery Equipment Inspections

Fuel dispensing sites located in Area A must conduct inspections of their vapor recovery equipment on a regular basis. Sites that operate Stage I vapor recovery systems must inspect their vapor recovery systems at least once every 7 days. The Weights and Measures Services Division (WMSD) has provided the a template for vapor recovery inspection logs, which can be found at the bottom of this page.


To ensure that your station is in compliance, the Division requires inspection of the following components:

Stage I Vapor Recovery Systems (product storage tanks)

  • Spill containment buckets (clean and dry)
  • Product and vapor recovery dust caps (installed correctly, no damage, gaskets present, seals tightly to coupler)
  • Product fill and vapor recovery couplers (no damage, cracks, or dents... gaskets present and intact between collar and drop tube)
  • Pressure/vacuum vent valves (present on risers, no damage, dust caps present)

In addition to the items noted above, we recommend inspection of:

  • All product labels on dispensers and at the product storage tanks (clean and legible at all times)
  • All dispenser indicators (price, gallons, total sale... ensure that they are clean and legible at all times)
  • Upper dispenser cabinet (check for credit card skimmers)
  • Lower dispenser cabinet (check meters and piping for leaks)

Inspections of Stage I vapor recovery equipment are required under Arizona Administrative Code (A.A.C.) R3-7-1007(C) . Records of these inspections must be kept under A.A.C. R3-7-1009. These rules also require recordkeeping of any maintenance performed on a vapor recovery system. We have provided a template of our Vapor Recovery Maintenance Log for your convenience at the bottom of this page. All inspection and maintenance logs must be kept on-site for a period of one year and made available for review by WMSD upon request.

Vapor Recovery Documents

Stage I Vapor Recovery Inspection Log Download
Vapor Recovery Maintenance Log Download
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