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As of March, 2023, the PMD adopted New Rules.  Click the following link for a copy of the changes:  

What is the Arizona Pest Management Division (PMD) and what is its function?

The Pest Management Division (PMD) is the Arizona regulatory body that regulates the use, disposal and storage of pesticides (which includes herbicides, etc.) The Environmental Protection Agency regulations, State Statutes and Rules guide the PMD.

What does the PMD do?

The PMD licenses commercial pest control businesses in Arizona and the pesticide applicators and inspectors employed by these companies. It also enforces federal and state laws governing pesticide use and storage. Consumer complaints involving licensed businesses are handled through the Agency. Staff investigates these complaints and presents its findings to the agency's Cabinet Executive Officer/Executive Deputy Director (CEO/EDD) who determines if any violations exist and takes action based upon the findings.

How might the PMD help me?

Below are just a few ways:

  • Upon request, the PMD will provide publically available information about any PMD licensed business or certified applicator.
  • The PMD will provide, upon written request, the number of complaints for a company that you may want to employ. (More detailed information about violation history is available at the AZDA office).
  • If you are interested in engaging in the business of structural pest control, the PMD will inform you on how to do so.
  • The PMD will investigate complaints that are within its jurisdiction.
  • The AZDA will provide general information regarding pests and the use of pesticides.

What happens to consumer complaints?

Once the PMD files a complaint, a copy is forwarded to the respondent, who has 20 days to respond. The complaint is assigned to an PMD inspector for further investigation.

If the investigation determines law violations, an agency Citation is drafted for the licensee(s). The Citation will outline a brief description of the violations as well as the agency's findings and will outline the discipline.  The Citation is reviewed by agency's Acting Director for the purposes of accepting/rejecting the terms of discipline.  Once signed and mailed, the respondent has 30 days to comply with those terms.  Appeal rights are set forth in the document and can be excercised before the end of the 30 day Order, if the respondent does not agree to the terms and wants the agency to hold a settlment conference or have the case heard before an administrative law judge.

How do I obtain a license to use structural pesticide?

There are a number of licenses offered by the PMD. Licensing requires an application, examination, and, in the case of Qualified Applicator certification, experience. Businesses must maintain statutorily mandated levels of insurance or bonding in order to be licensed. All PMD-issued licenses must be renewed annually or bi-annually based on the expiration date. Check out our FAQ for additional information.

What is meant by "structural" pesticide use?

Structural pest control is the control of pests in and around structures. These include: 

  • Wood-destroying insects (e.g. termites, powder post beetles, carpenter ants, etc...)
  • Weeds
  • Pests of ornamental plants and turf
  • Aquatic pests and weeds in standing or running water
  • Pests affecting public health

The PMD does not regulate agricultural pest control which is under the authority of the Arizona Department of Agriculture Environmental Services Section.

More Information: Pest Management Web Page

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