Fertilizer Registration

Fertilizer Registration

All companies that sell products that make nutritional guarantees for plant growth enhancement must be licensed by the Arizona Department of Agriculture.  In addition, if a company is selling fertilizers that are not used exclusively for agriculture purposes, the fertilizer must also be registered as a specialty fertilzer.  A fertilzer can be both an ag product and a specialty fertilizer, which does require registration as a specialty fertilizer.



Fertilizer Contact


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Fertilizer Forms

Fertilizer Packet and Registration Form Download
Fertilizer - Registration of Specialty Ferlitlizers Download
Fertilizer - Quarterly Tonnage Reporting Download
Fertilizer - Annual Tonnage Verification (400 Tons or Less Annually) Download
Fertilizer - Estimate of Sales of Commercial Fertilizers (400 Tons or Less Annually) Download
Fertilizer - UFTRS Codes Download
Fertilizer Label Guide - April 13, 2012 Download
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