Pesticide Use on Cannabis

This webpage contains information, including web links and other resources, regarding the authorized use of pesticides on Cannabis in Arizona.

In an effort to continue uniformity with contiguous states and to allow cannabis growers access to pesticides for the control of insects, weeds or diseases, the AZDA has adopted the Colorado list of cannabis-allowed pesticides, for use on cannabis in Arizona. It is the responsibility of the grower or applicator to verify that the pesticide to be used is registered in Arizona.

Registered pesticide products may be used on Cannabis if:

a.  The active ingredients have been determined to be tolerance exempt from the requirements of a tolerance, as established under 40 C.F.R. Part 180, Subparts D and E. EPA has established in the risk assessment process that these products are of lowest toxicity and therefore do not require tolerances to be established for use on raw commodities.

b.  The label has broad language that allows the use of the pesticide on the site of application. The term “site” includes all sites of application, including interior, exterior sites, structures in which application may be made, as well as the actual plant or crop.

c.  The pesticide product label expressly allows use on crops intended for human consumption. This is intended to prevent the use of pesticides on marijuana or hemp that although broadly labeled, are not tested or intended for use on food crops.

d.  The pesticide’s active ingredients must be allowed by EPA for use on tobacco. Pesticide products may contain active ingredients that have had risk assessments conducted for consumption in food, but those active ingredients may not have been tested or intended to be burned and inhaled. Requiring that all active ingredients in pesticides used on hemp have EPA allowed uses on tobacco will ensure that EPA has considered this in their risk assessment process.

e.  Some pesticide products may meet all of the required criteria except being expressly labeled for food use due to marketing toward other markets. Nevertheless, if the AZDA can verify with the manufacturer that the product’s master label allows food uses and that all of the active and inert ingredients are allowed for use on food crops and tobacco, the AZDA has the authority to allow the product’s use on marijuana or hemp.


Arizona Pesticide Regulatory Information for those new to the agriculture sector in this state.

1.  Anyone using a pesticide for growing an agricultural commodity must have a regulated grower permit.

 2.  All pesticides must be registered for use in Arizona and used in accordance with the label directions.

 3.  If a pesticide is “Restricted Use” which will be displayed on the front panel, it can only be applied by or under the direct supervision of a certified applicator.

 4.  If you have any employees, and you use pesticides, the Worker Protection Standard applies and employees must be provided the protections required by this law. This includes training, proper personal protective equipment, access to pesticide labels, and others.



Link to pesticide list: (verify AZ registration)



AZDA Environmental Service Section (Pesticide Use Compliance):

Phoenix ESS Office:
1110 W Washington St., #450
Phoenix, AZ 85007
(602) 542-3421

Yuma ESS Office:
1931 S. Arizona Ave. #4
Yuma, AZ 85365
(928) 944-7909

AZDA Central Licensing:
1010 W Washington St.
Phoenix, AZ 85007
(602) 542-3578
[email protected]

AZDA Industrial Hemp Program:
Brian McGrew
[email protected]‐hemp‐program

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