Pesticide Use & Providers Continuing Education

1. Who is eligible to provide continuing education?

Individuals, businesses, and associations judged competent by the PMD may offer continuing education. Sponsors or instructors usually are responsible for submitting program applications. A sponsor is an individual or organization who coordinates continuing education programs. An instructor is the individual who actually teaches the course. Attendees may also submit program applications.


2. What is the criteria for continuing education instructors?

Instructors are approved to teach specific courses. Approval for one course does not guarantee approval for another. Instructors are expected to have substantial education, training or work experience in the subjects they wish to teach.

Instructors must meet at least ONE of the following requirements:

  • A college or university degree in a field related to the topic
  • A high school diploma and holding a license for at least 5 years in related category and having completed at least 50 hours of CE in related subjects
  • Recognition by the PMD as a credentialed expert


3. When do I apply?

The approval process can be somewhat lengthy since program applications are reviewed by staff. Application packets should be submitted to PMD at least 6 weeks* before the scheduled class for which a CE provider applicant hopes to have their application considered.


4. How do I apply?

Applications for each individual course being submitted for review must contain the following:

  • Complete program application packet (PDF)
  • Complete instructor application, biography or resume
  • Subject abstract or outline
  • Copy of handouts, worksheets, examinations or other materials
  • Copy of promotional materials




Continuing Education Classes & Providers

Find continuing education classes or use our continuing education provider reporting tool.

Important Documents

AG-PMD CE Request.pdf Download

Have More Questions?

Contact AZDA CEU Coordinator at 602-255-3662 or [email protected] for questions regarding course or provider approval. You may also email [email protected] for questions regarding to Ag CEUs.

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