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What is a Registered Service Agency (RSA)?

A Registered Service Agency is defined under A.R.S. § 3-3401(35) as "any agency, firm, company, or corporation that for hire, aware, commission, or any other payment of any kind installs, services, repairs, or reconditions a commercial device or tests or repairs vapor recovery systems or vapor recovery components and that that been issued a license by the Division." In order to perform any of the functions listed above within the State of Arizona, an RSA must be licensed by the Division.

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How do I become an RSA?

  • Submit a completed Registered Service Agency (RSA) Application to the Division.
  • The applicant must list all certification standards and testing equipment that will be used to service and certify commercial devices and/or gasoline vapor recovery systems in compliance with A.R.S. Title 3, Chapter 19, A.A.C. Title 3, Chapter 7, NIST Handbook 44, CARB Executive Orders, and other applicable regulations.
  • Include the $24.00 license fee with your application.


What is a Registered Service Representative (RSR)?

A Registered Service Representative is an individual who works for an RSA and performs the duties as described above for commercial devices and/or gasoline vapor recovery systems.


How do I become an RSR?

  • Become familiar with our RSR Study Guide and NIST Handbook 44 (2017 edition). Vapor recovery applicants, please read the Vapor Recovery RSR section below.
  • Submit a completed RSR Application and Statement of Lawful Presence to the Division. Both forms may be submitted to the Division when you take the RSR exam.
  • Pass the applicable RSR exam. See below for additional testing information.
  • Pay the $4.80 RSR license fee. Note: Do not make fee payments until your employer receives a bill.
  • You will be issued a temporary license at the test site if you complete all licensing requirements.


How do I become a Vapor Recovery RSR?


RSR Testing Information


PLEASE NOTE:  To decrease wait times, we strongly encourage you to make an appointment by calling 602-542-3578 or emailing [email protected]

RSR exams are administered at the Agriculture Building,  1010 W. Washington Street, Phoenix, AZ 85007 .

Testing is conducted Tuesday through Thursday, 8 am to 3 pm, except on state holidays. Pursuant to A.A.C. R3-7-601(D)(4), the Division shall not allow an applicant to take the RSR competency examination more than three (3) times in six (6) months, and the applicant must wait seven (7) days before retaking the exam. Please ensure that you are well-prepared to take the exam. Additionally, exam room seating is limited to four (4) people at any given time. Please be prepared to wait for an open seat unless you have scheduled an exam in advance.

Links to available study materials for the exams can be found elsewhere on this page.

Prospective testers should complete the Test Taker Contact Form and bring it to the testing site along with their application, Statement of Lawful Presence (including required documents), and photo identification.

If you have questions about RSR testing, please contact AZDA Licensing by email at [email protected] or by telephone at 602-542-3578.

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Training Videos

These training videos and materials are designed to help you study for the RSR exam.




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