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Air Quality - Agricultural PM10 Best Management Practices 

How Does Agriculture Impact Air Quality?

The federal Clean Air Act requires that air pollutant emissions be controlled from all significant sources in areas that do not meet the national ambient Air quality standards. Air Quality regulation for agriculture requires farmers and nurserymen in certain parts of Maricopa, Pinal, and Yuma Counties to implement Best Management Practices to reduce particulate emissions from tilling and harvesting, fallow cropland and non cropland areas. 

How Do Best Management Practices Help?

An agricultural Best Management Practice (BMP) is a practical, economical and feasible technique to reduce particulate matter from regulated agricultural activities. A wide range of variation in soils and cropping systems requires that BMPs are addressed on a case by case basis and fitted to specific farms. The BMPs are based on principles that slow or control soil movement from both cropland and non-cropland. Flexible BMPs for controlling PM10 is an effective and common sense practice that improves local and regional air quality.  

Is My Operation Compliant?

The Agricultural Consultation and Training program (ACT) offers a non-regulatory compliance assistance program for farmers and nurserymen to ensure compliance with laws and rules that address air quality standards.

During the on site visit, a consultant will:

  • Provide information on air quality PM10 standards
  • Discuss overall compliance with local, state and federal air quality regulations
  • Identify compliance difficulties
  • Assist in the selection of agricultural PM10 best management practices
  • Offer options available to ensure compliance 

Agricultural Worker Training

If you would like to find out more about the ACT compliance assistance program or request a free on-site visit, call (602) 542-3484 or (800) 294-0308 Toll Free Outside the Phoenix Area.

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  • Receive an email notification of the Dust Control Action Forecast on HIGH risk days 

What are the Wind Forecasts for my Area?

Yuma County

Maricopa County

Pinal County

How Do I Find More Information About Clean Air and Best Management Practices?

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Maricopa County Non-Attainment Area Map

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Yuma County Nonattainment Area map

Air Quality Brochure (English)

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Plain English Guide to the Clean Air Act 

For More Information

Email Rusty Van Leuven or call (602)-542-3484, or 1-800-294-0308 (outside of Maricopa County)

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