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What We Do

The State Veterinarian's Office (SVO) protects the livestock, poultry, and aquaculture industries directly, and the public indirectly, through the prevention, early detection, containment, and eradication of economically important livestock, poultry, and fish diseases that, in many cases, are transmissible to people. In addition, welfare of farm animals is ensured by assisting the Livestock Inspection Program in the investigation and prosecution of cases of cruelty to animals.

This Office watches over four areas:

  • Regulation of the importation of animals
  • Control and eradication of livestock diseases
  • Regulation of fish farming, transportation and processing
  • Emergency response


Leptospirosis is a flu-like illness caused by a bacteria. Cattle, horses, pigs, sheep and goats are all at risk for contracting Leptospirosis. When it comes to pets, dogs are more susceptible to the germ than cats.  There are vaccines available.  People can catch Leptospirosis from animals and need to take special precautions with a sick dog.




Arizona Reportable Animal Disease Form

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Arizona Sick Bird Call Form Download

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Program Disease Ordering Form

AZ SVO Program Disease Ordering Form Download

Important Documents

Accreditation Handbook for Veterinarians Download
AZ Avian Influenza steps to Protect Download
EquineNeuroDzForm - Use Adobe Fill & Sign to submit the form. Download
Leptospirosis Boarding Facilities Factsheet Download
Leptospirosis Dog owner factsheet Download
UPDATE - Leptospirosis in Arizona Download
Leptospirosis Vaccine Myths Debunked Download
Leptospirosis Veterinarian Factsheet Download
Mandatory Reporting of Diseases Download
Neuro Horse Brochure Download
PEDV - Porcine epidemic diarrhea virus Download
Rabies Detection for Livestock Owners Download
Salmonella in Backyard Birds Download
Sheep and Goat Regulations Download
Slaughter Cattle Endorsement Services for Arizona Announcement Download
Trichomonas Brochure Download
Veterinary Feed Directive producer requirements Download
Veterinary Health Certificate Order Form Download
Trich Rule 6-8-20 Download

Your health depends on what you do, where you live and what you eat. The same is true for all animals, domestic and livestock. Everything we do impacts the environment and the environment affects us all.

That’s One Health — professionals working together to understand and improve interactions between animals, people and the environment to support health and prevent disease. One Health brings together veterinarians, medical doctors, wildlife biologists and environmentalists with the a united goal — realizing how the health continuum works.

Preparing for outbreaks such as foot and mouth disease will protect our food supply. A plan to ensure a Secure Beef Supply is being developed. Learn what’s happened and how you can voice your thoughts as the plan develops.

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